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Many people say they are simply ‘unmotivated’ to learn, but I don’t agree. With the right educational support, we can help all students overcome motivational challenges that impede learning.

Emily Q. Rosenzweig

Assistant Professor

Understanding how and why students learn is critical for helping all students to reach their full academic potential. My research focuses on understanding and improving students’ motivation to learn. In particular, I focus on math and science motivation during middle school, high school, and college because these are subjects and grade levels where students often experience motivational challenges that may cause them to disengage with learning.

I have two promary lines of research – one is understanding how motivation affects students’ academic performance and educational choices and the other focuses on designing and testing online and in-class activities that aim to promote motivation.

I have worked as a lecturer, professor, and teaching assistant at the high school, college, and graduate school levels. I have taught and assisted many courses including: Motivation in Education, Human Development in Education, Adolescent Development, Educational Psychology, and Research Methods. I have also mentored more than twenty-five students conducting independent research projects related to motivation.

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