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Erin Hamel

Early childhood teachers are responsible for the design and implementation of high-quality environments, lessons, and experiences that set the foundation for future learning. Much like the children in their care, early childhood teachers also deserve a high-quality working environment and support.

Erin Hamel

Assistant Professor

My primary interest is how early childhood programs can support teachers and children in early care settings. I have two lines of research stemming from this topic.

My first line of research is focused on critical issues facing the early childhood workforce that can impact the quality of early care and education. To do this I examine workplace supports that are related to the implementation of curriculum, such as directors’ allotment and teachers’ use of planning time. Second, my research focuses on understanding early childhood teachers’ motivation to enter the field and the factors contributing to their turnover, such as lack of time, persistent work overload, lack of autonomy, and increased time spent on administrative tasks.

My areas of expertise include early childhood development, teacher working conditions, curriculum, and planning.

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