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Every day I get to think about how to improve teaching and learning in STEM fields for all learners. Knowing that my work contributes to opening access to science to learners in our state and beyond keeps me returning to work with a smile on my face.

Georgia Hodges

Associate Research Scientist and Program Coordinator

Georgia Hodges began her career teaching in public high schools in the state of Georgia. She then pursued her Ph.D. in Science Education to further her understanding of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Upon graduating, she began teaching methods courses and working on federally funded projects designed to teach fundamental biological processes through digital media. Her current project is designed to engage elementary learners in ambitious science learning experiences that prioritize the use of the science practices in a virtual world. When teaching methods or curriculum courses, you will find her partnered with local schools, teaching UGA preservice teachers in schools, with teachers.

Georgia Hodges’ research explores the intersection of teachers, students, and gameplay in the classroom. Her team recently created the Virtual Vet serious educational game that they designed for elementary learners to engage in science practice in a virtual world by playing the role of a veterinarian. Currently, the team is examining how this game actually works by testing it with students and teachers across the United States. The team has found significant conceptual learning gains associated with the gameplay as well as mindset shifts by early learners. The team continues to study teacher implementation of this learning environment as well as earlier immersive environments created by collaboration with Cogent Education, a small business created from UGA. Collectively, their research points toward the use of gameplay in K-12 classrooms as novel forms of assessment that more accurately illuminate student knowledge than traditional assessments such as pre- and posttests


  • Science Teacher Preparation
  • Affordances and Constraints Related to Immersive Technology use in School Setting

Area of Expertise:

  • Science Teacher Preparation
  • Professional Learning
  • Development and Testing of Serious Educational Games and other Learning Technologies