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I teach to change minds to change lives for the better.

Jamon H. Flowers

Clinical Assistant Professor

Today’s school systems require leadership abilities, change-management skills, and deep organizational experience – whether you seek to transform the education sector to promote inclusivity or to launch an innovative education venture.

Understanding the intricacies of educational administration, leadership, and policy in various contexts is crucial for improving the American education system. I am committed to helping aspiring and practicing school leaders meet today’s complex challenges by becoming the education leader needed. Along with educational administration and policy educators nationwide, I believe skilled leadership is essential to creating opportunity and overcoming longstanding inequities that create barriers to success. 

Much like the program, my courses are career embedded, so students can immediately apply what they have learned in real-time. Additionally, my courses offer a distinctive experience – including deep engagement, interaction with faculty and talented peers, and a lifelong professional network- within intentional curricula. My students and I work side-by-side to solve pressing problems educational administrators and leaders face. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of not just the duties, responsibilities, and experiences of school administrators and leaders but learn how contexts (i.e., rural, urban, and suburban) inform decision-making. Ultimately, I want to build aspiring and practicing school leaders to improve the world through education. 

The program is career-embedded — so you can immediately apply what you are learning, in real-time, to the work you are doing on the ground. 

I enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends during my free time. 


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