My goal as a professor and instructor of information systems and technology is to provide students with an understanding of the capabilities of tools and technologies. It is based on this that they are able to make informed decisions about the role of information technology in their lives.

In addition to understanding the technology, I believe that it is critical that students appreciate the application of information technologies in organizational environments.  It is incumbent on us to impart principles upon which to critically evaluate the role and impact of these tools and technologies in an organizational context.

These beliefs are reflected both my passion about information systems and technologies and in my teaching methodology which help me convey concepts to the students in a structured and meaningful manner. I reflect my passion for information systems and technology in a selection of courses that I have taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The structure and methodology of the courses closely aligns with my belief in understanding the technology, its applications and its critical evaluation.

Complementing my teaching philosophy, my research takes place in the context of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of human interaction in IT mediated environments. Individuals employ IT in a myriad of ways, often as part of their organizational work and increasingly to engage in social interactions with others. Individuals appropriate IT to form new relationships and sustain existing ones. The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is an indicator of such developments.

I have explored my interest in such technologies through my dissertation work and other papers and projects that I have authored and contributed to. My research interests are in the following domains: social technical networks and the long tail phenomenon, innovation through socio-technical networks, design practice, social media and big data.

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Nikhil Srinivasan
Terry College of Business
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University