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I believe that educators should collaborate across disciplines, that problem solving and mental processes of inquiry are valuable in all fields of study and that all areas of life deserve scrutiny.

Roger Hill


A significant part of the belief system that I operate from is that scholarly inquiry should permeate life rather than being isolated within the academy.

I am involved in research related to use of robotics and other technologies for elementary STEM instruction supports my assigned course load. My work ethic research informs the effective instruction that is also critical to those classes. The implementation of new technologies, particularly information technologies, has produced a high-discretion workplace in which workers must make good decisions regarding use of time and resources. To be appropriately prepared for this work environment, students must develop technical skills and knowledge, but work ethic and affective work attributes are equally important for success.

My research focuses on elementary engineering, technology education and work ethic. One of the more significant products that represents my research activity is The Work Ethic Site, a web site that provides a central resource for materials related to work ethic, affective work competencies and employability skills for workforce development. It is designed to serve both educators and human resource professionals.

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