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The interrelationship between human and animal health is one of the most critical issues of the modern era.

Roy Berghaus

Associate Professor

In addition to my professorial duties as an epidemiologist, I am also the Field Services Chief for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. My position gives me a unique perspective on the diversity of roles fulfilled by veterinarians in today’s society.

My own research interests are varied, though I focus primarily on the epidemiology of food animals. My overall interests include analytical epidemiology and applied biostatistics, diseases of cattle, antimicrobial resistance and Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry. I’ve also collaborated with other researchers to consider disease in fish and different kinds of wildlife.

In the classroom, I help students understand the value of statistics in making inferences about the health of animal populations. Gathering accurate data with an understanding of how to analyze the numbers is critical to moving the science of veterinary medicine forward. I also teach classes in epidemiology and clinical study design, giving students the information they need to better understand and contribute to advances in the field.

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