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I am energized when I see the “lightbulbs” flickering to a fully-lit bulb as students engage in learning a new concept, applying a new skill—through the content I teach.

Sally J. Zepeda


Teaching is part of my DNA. I teach to share what I know about such topics as classroom environments, job-imbedded professional learning, teacher evaluation, and the work school leaders need to engage to support teachers. Throughout my academic career, I had exemplary teachers who encouraged and supported my learning. Teaching is my way of paying forward the many gifts I have benefited from as a learner and leader in K-12 schools and now in leader preparation.

The ever-changing nature of teaching and learning piques my interest and engages me and students in solving complex problems that teachers and leaders face as they navigate ever-changing landscapes.  I hope students leave my classes knowing that they have learned both theory and how to apply theory into action as they become leaders in their classrooms, schools, and districts.  

In my spare time I garden – I am a master gardener enjoying working in my yard. I learn a great deal as I nurture plants very much like I learn from nurturing students in their learning journeys that bring them to UGA.   

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