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Average men and women can achieve their financial goals with careful planning, and I want to show my students the best way to help everyone achieve a sound financial portfolio.

Swarnankur (Swarn) Chatterjee


My students will find me to be highly approachable. Financial planners need to be people you trust, and I believe that starts in the classroom.

My research focuses on three primary areas: Performance evaluation across different stages of the financial planning process; Examination of the association between financial well-being, welfare dependency and health among underserved populations; and identification of factors that improve financial decision making among transitioning young adults and the elderly households.

My current research in progress includes: Measuring the value of financial advice across the different stages of the financial planning process; examining factors that are associated with greater financial resilience among households recovering from an adverse financial event; and determining the association between household financial decision making and their food insecurity as well as food purchase behavior.

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