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I love to hear and understand how my students connect their experiences to teaching and learning. As learners come into being with their own understanding of the content, I expect them to take ownership in the learning process.

Tisha Lewis Ellison, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

I meet students where they are — academically, culturally, and digitally. I encourage open discussion and brainstorming conversations to further their growth and understanding in literacy education. By sharing my knowledge and real-world experiences, I motivate students to participate in intellectual exchanges that continue to challenge their thinking and passion for learning.

I obtained a Ph.D. in Reading from the University at Albany, State University of New York. Prior to joining the UGA family, I taught undergraduate, masters and doctoral-level courses at American University, Trinity College, Howard University, and Georgia State University. 
My research interests include family literacy, digital literacies, and multimodalities. My work delves into critical perspectives on how agency, identity, and power among African American families and adolescents are construed as they use digital texts and tools to make sense of their lives. 
I am passionate about the research possibilities in literacy and teaching. Online courses allow collaborative learning environments for students across geographical borders. Within the online-learning classroom, I can tailor specific course materials to student’s academic and personal goals for learning. The convenience and flexibility to communicate with students through digital platforms create endless opportunities for continued learning.

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