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I believe that the fundamental goal of science education is to support our students and parents to think scientifically and critically in public and personal affairs

Xiaoming Zhai

Assistant Professor

I am serving as the Guest Editor of a Special Issue of the Journal of Science Education and Technology: Applying Machine Learning in Science Assessment: Opportunity and Challenge. I am serving on the Editorial Board: Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Journal of Science Education and Technology, and Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research.

My research interests focus on two areas: (a)The first looks at using innovative assessment to examine complex constructs in science learning and teaching as one means of supporting teachers, approaching the topic through a variety of methodologies and technologies such as machine learning. (b) My second research area of interest concerns the application of assessment results in science teaching and learning. My research has broadly appeared in high-impact journals such as Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Studies in Science Education, International Journal of Science Education, Journal of Science Education and Technology, Research in Science Education, Computers& Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, International Journal of Educational Research, Studies in Educational Evaluation, etc.


  • AI/Machine learning-based innovative assessment practices in science
  • Learning progression
  • Mobile learning in science
  • Science teacher education and career motivation

Area of Expertise:

  • Science education with a focus on physics
  • Assessment and measurement theory
  • Applied quantitative methods and data sciences in science education
  • Technology integration theory in science education