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I am proud to teach students every day that are the change they want to see in the world.

Zoe Johnson, Ph.D.

Director of Field Education

I am unapologetic about my high expectations for students. Challenging and supporting students in their growth and development is a privilege and responsibility that I take seriously.

Serving as the Director of Field Education and teaching my students combines my love for social work and passion for the transformational power of experiential learning. If we are to meet the grand challenges of our time — and they are grand indeed — we need competent, well prepared social workers. It is my humble honor to play a role in that preparation.  

I consider it a point of pride to be in a profession with clear and strong professional values working diligently to create and sustain justice and well-being in our world. Our world demands greatness from us, and when students graduate from the UGA School of Social Work, they are equipped for the tasks at hand.

My research and scholarship focus on Black students in predominantly white institutional settings. There are many pathways to success, belonging, and joy. Given the landscape of systemic barriers that are often present, I love challenging traditional narratives and amplifying the voices of historically marginalized students.

It is my hope that my students begin to see themselves in our profession and gain a firm understanding of our professional values as social workers along with our ethical principles and standards. I hope that I model and inspire students to adopt an ongoing posture of self-reflection and continual improvement.