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Amazing Online Alumnus Paul Rockwell’s Online MFT Degree Was Beneficial to His Career Path

Amazing Online Alumnus Paul Rockwell’s Online MFT Degree Was Beneficial to His Career Path

Corporate Chef Paul Rockwell, who serves on the Board of Directors of the Research Chefs Association, started out as a restaurant chef with a commitment to become more.

After years of work as a chef, Rockwell decided he wanted to move into research and development. But he needed to earn a Master’s degree in Food Technology or Food Science first. Rockwell began to look for a Master’s program that he could take online, enabling him to continue to work full-time in restaurants while earning a reputable degree. Getting his Master of Food Technology degree online also allowed him to balance his schoolwork and career with his personal life, including spending time with family, traveling, cooking, mountain biking, and exercising.

Choosing UGA for his online degree was an easy decision. “UGA and their Food Science department are well-regarded in the industry,” Rockwell explained. “The professors in the program were highly knowledgeable with impressive credentials and they were very accessible.”

Furthering his education opened doors for Rockwell, leading to his promotion to corporate chef at Diversified Foods and Seasonings in Madisonville, LA, where he’s responsible for food product development. He has also become a Certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation and a Certified Food Scientist through the Institute of Food Technologists.

Not only has his degree contributed to his career advancements, but it has also helped him develop a deeper knowledge of food science and technology. “When I started the program I made a long list of food science concepts I wanted to become knowledgeable in. At the end of the program I returned to the list and found that we had covered them all and I felt proficient in every one!” Rockwell said.