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Amazing Online Students: Brittany Colquitt Finally Able to Attend Her Dream School, UGA

Amazing Online Students: Brittany Colquitt Finally Able to Attend Her Dream School, UGA

“As a teacher, I know a true educator never stops their love for getting an education,” expressed online student Brittany Colquitt. Her story truly reflects that sentiment. After getting her undergraduate degree at Kennesaw State University, Colquitt taught 7th grade social studies in Cherokee County for nine years. Now, while maintaining her job as a middle school teacher, she is advancing her education by getting her Master’s degree in Middle Grades Education online, so she can advance the education of others and continue to pass on her love of learning to her students.

Being able to teach and learn at the same time is an aspect Colquitt loves about the online degree program. “My favorite part about getting an online degree is that I can do it from the comfort of my own home, and I am still able to keep my job as an educator,” explained Colquitt.

In addition to the convenience, Colquitt has been “absolutely amazed” at how responsive and encouraging her online professors have been. “They have always been quick to respond to email and text messages. They have supported, encouraged, and challenged me through each of the classes that I have taken.” Dr. Gayle Andrews, her advisor and one of her professors, has been an inspiration. “It is educators like her who make me want to continually better myself. She is the difference maker that I hope to be in my own students’ lives.”

The technology skills Colquitt gained while in online classes have already made an impact in her middle school classroom. “Through this program, I am attaining current techniques and strategies that I can implement in my classroom. I want my students to be innovated 21st century learners, and I want them to have the skills to be real-world problem solvers and thinkers.”

Technology has also helped create a sense of community among Colquitt’s professors and other teachers. Flipgrid, an online question-and-answer forum where students respond through videos, and eLearning Commons have enabled Colquitt to connect with teachers in the same school district and around the globe.

If Colquitt had one piece of advice for those considering a UGA online degree program, it would be “it is never too late in your career to get an advanced degree!”