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Career Center Resources for Online Students

Career Center Resources for Online Students

There are many resources available to online students from the UGA Career Center, even if you do not have the chance to visit campus. The entire website is worth exploring, but here are the best resources to use from a distance.

1. Online Resume Creator: This online resume creator is very user friendly. All you have to do is enter your information, and it formats it for you. It has several different templates to use, so you can find the best fit to present your skills. You just need to sign in with your UGA Id to use it.

2. Sample interview questions. Going into an interview can be very intimidating. If you have some idea of what to expect, it can make you seem more confident and more prepared. Ask a friend to do a practice interview with you using these questions for extra help.

3. Career Guides. The Career Guides are extremely in depth resources. They include countless tips and tricks for landing your dream job. They have a few for different needs. They are also available in different formats, so you can read them on your mobile device.

4. Pinterest.  If you are on Pinterest, you need to be following the Career Center. They pin everything you would need on a job search, from business attire to personal branding. It includes 34 different themed “boards”, so there is definitely something there for everyone.

5. DAWGlink. DAWGlink is job listing website that is exclusive to UGA Students and Alumni. Only those with a UGA ID (or alumni access) can see these listings, so take advantage of this great edge up on other job seekers. Hiring companies contact the Career Center to post these listings, so they are looking specifically for UGA students and alumni.