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Common Tech Mistakes Online Students Make

Common Tech Mistakes Online Students Make

US News report Compiled a list of common tech mistakes online students make. The list also tells how to avoid them.

Not backing up your data: Reneau, St Xavier University online instructor,  recommends using the online file storage service Dropbox, which offers free accounts of at least two gigabytes. “Use it to back-up information and then your homework is accessible at work, at home or your mother-in-law’s,” she said. Other options include regular back-ups to an external hard drive or uploading homework to cloud-based Google Docs.

Not checking your email: Check your school email regularly for important announcements or forward your school emails to your personal account if that’s the account you rely on.

Not testing your Internet connection: Dewey says students shouldn’t assume they have a good Internet connection. That means if all you’ve done before is check email and Facebook, there may be issues with sound cutting out or a lecture freezing. One way to test is to stream a video from the Internet to test your bandwidth.

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