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Dyslexia certificate builds instructor’s confidence

Dyslexia certificate builds instructor’s confidence

Laura Betgevergiz (Ed.S. ’20) began her career in 2005 teaching kindergarten. In 2015, she specialized in reading instruction, reading intervention and English to speakers of other languages. 

Laura Betgevergiz, Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

To continue her education, specifically in reading intervention, Betgevergiz enrolled in the online Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia at the University of Georgia’s Mary Frances Early College of Education.

“I came across UGA’s Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia through a random Google search and it was exactly what I needed,” she said. “The fact that it was through UGA was an exciting opportunity for me to attend a prestigious university and complete the coursework I was interested in.”

Betgevergiz enjoys the freedom an online degree provides. “I loved the thought of attending UGA but struggled with the idea of driving from Gainesville to Athens on a regular basis,” she said, “The online program, combined with regular check-ins with my advisor, allows me to continue to work full-time as I completed my degree.”

Betgevergiz values that the program is grounded in reading science. “My professors created a top-notch program of study that has enriched my knowledge in how to teach reading in general and to assist struggling readers,” Betgevergiz said. 

For anyone interested in the online certificate in dyslexia, Betgevergiz suggests staying on top of requirements each week, as online courses require dedication and commitment.

“You are responsible for your own learning in each module and it is imperative to ask your instructor if you have any questions about the material,” she said, “The advantage to online learning is the access it provides to higher education from home, but you have to be organized and willing to put in the effort on a daily basis.” 

Betgevergiz feels she benefits from the structure of the online program because it allowed her to dive deeper into each of the areas she was interested in. 

“Each teacher I’ve assisted can now reach an exponentially larger number of students,” she said. “Being an IMSE instructor has been extremely satisfying and my degree has given me the confidence to be able to stand up in front of a group of teachers and train with authority. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”