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The Effects of Coffee on Cholesterol

Whether online or on campus, coffee is a common staple for students at the University of Georgia. Emma Laing, UGA Director of Dietetics and professor in the online M.S. in Foods and Nutrition program, shared insights in the Huffington Post’s recent article about how coffee may lead to increased cholesterol levels.

Laing explained that the source of the issue is unfiltered coffee from a french press, causing changes in the consumer’s LDL cholesterol, which according to the article is a “fat-like substance that can cause plaque buildup in your arteries.”

According to Laing, there are many factors such as the roast of the coffee bean, the number of cups ingested per day, and any add-ins to the coffee that may change the degree to which french press coffee negatively affects the user.

Read more about how coffee can have an effect on one’s body and not just their wallet in the full article.