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Father and Son, Joel and Zach Theis, earn their Financial Planning degrees side-by-side

Father and Son, Joel and Zach Theis, earn their Financial Planning degrees side-by-side

Joel and Zach Theis are excited about the prospect of working together after they earn their degrees in financial planning from Georgia. Joel Theis is working on his Master’s in Financial Planning in UGA’s online non-thesis program while his son, Zach, completes his undergraduate degree on the Athens campus. Earning degrees in the same field from the same college at the same time is a unique experience the father-son duo appreciates.

Joel is a financial advisor whose experiences influenced his son’s career plans.

“I really wanted to get into it after I’d seen how rewarding it could be when my dad started doing it,” Zach said.

While Zach is on campus to take classes, Joel is able to complete his master’s online and still have a full-time job. “Being a financial advisor, I handle a lot of clients, so I need that flexibility to be able to do the work at my pace,” explained Joel. “I can do my work on Saturday or Sunday or even 12 o’clock at night. It gives students the flexibility to do it at your own time instead of having to be in a classroom at a set time.”

Joel has had a positive experience in the Master of Financial Planning online program. He spoke highly of the technology and efficiency of the platforms used, as well as of the professors he’s had so far. “I had one teacher invite us to one of the financial planning conferences, so that was interesting,” said Joel. “I’ve really, really enjoyed being in this program.”

Beyond academics, the Theises look forward to working together professionally. Also, Joel notes that one day they could attend the same alumni events and participate in other financial planning opportunities together. “It really is cool that we get to do that,” agreed Zach.