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Financial Hardship Resources at UGA

Financial Hardship Resources at UGA

The University of Georgia recently introduced a new website to deal specifically with financial hardship issues that arise in students’ lives after they begin at UGA. 

Financial circumstances can change quickly, at times in ways outside of students’ control. Financial hardship creates significant stress and can impede student success. The Financial Hardship Resources initiative provides students with a starting point to seek guidance, assistance and, in certain cases, funding to enable them to flourish at UGA.

“The purpose of this initiative is to bring students facing difficult financial circumstances directly to the campus and community resources that may assist them,” said Matthew Waller, assistant to the vice president for student affairs. “We are committed to student success and will do all we can to help them continue their educational pursuits at UGA.”

The website contains information on first steps to take when a financial hardship situation strikes. It advises that you ask yourself questions such as “Is this likely to be a long-term hardship, or is the hardship more temporary or immediate?” There are many links to resources for funding during hard times, including funding for food, which often is one of the most expensive parts of a student’s life. A very important thing that the website does is acknowledge that students may need support and guidance during this time, and it offers resources to find the kind of support needed. 

Even if you are not in a period of financial hardship, it is important to know the kinds of options available to you if a need arises. Check out the Financial Hardship website established by UGA and contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 706-542-6147 if necessary.