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Five Tips to Improve Your at Home Study Space

Five Tips to Improve Your at Home Study Space

For online students, a nice study space is a necessity. Follow these tips to increase your productivity!

1. Have a little bit of noise. Have you ever wondered why studying in your favorite coffee shop can be so productive? Surprisingly enough, a space that is too quiet is not always best for a focused task, especially one that involves creativity. So next time you need to write a paper, try this website to turn your home office into a local cafe.

2. Keep it organized. A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind. This is not to say that your desk as to be completely clear, but having piles of papers in every direction can be distracting, and even make you feel more stressed. 

3. Make it comfortable, but not too comfortable. Since you will probably be in the same spot for a few hours while taking your class, you do not want to be uncomfortable the whole time. Beware of a really cozy space, like a couch or bed, because you might go to sleep!

4. Keep study materials close by. Your study space should be complete with books, flashcards and whatever else you need for class. It can disrupt your routine if you are in the middle of studying and have to take half an hour to search the house for a book. Having everything within arms reach keeps you on task. 

5. Use air fresheners. Scents can help stimulate your mind. Lemon or cinnamon scents promote concentration and peppermint helps with clear thinking. As an added bonus, smelling the same thing while studying and taking a test can aid in recalling information!