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Graduate Student Financial Education Program

Graduate Student Financial Education Program

In the theme of April Financial Literacy month, the University of Georgia’s graduate school has released resources to help support and educate students on managing debt, loans, savings and other financial management practices while in graduate school. 

The Department of Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics and the ASPIRE Clinic worked together to provide financial education seminars and resources to graduate students that:

  • Promote informed financial decision-making
  • Reduce financial stress
  • Support overall wellbeing

Here is a list of 6 recorded webinars containing helpful financial tips for students:

Topics Budgeting – Financial Advice for Graduate Students Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. This workshop covers everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a budget so you can pay off debt and accomplish your short- and long-term financial goals.

Budget webinar:

Credit – How to Build an Outstanding Record Credit is the bedrock of most financial exchanges in the American economy. From credit scores and reports, to applying for new credit, this session will cover the building blocks you need to develop and maintain a credit record that will make you a competitive consumer.

Credit Webinar:

Taxes – How They Work and Why You Should Care Very few people understand the U.S. tax system, yet understanding how taxes work can provide many opportunities for efficient planning and saving. This session will explain the foundational components of the income tax process, and provide strategies for making the most of your income.

Taxes webinar:

Student Loans – Repayment Plans and Strategies With so many options available for student loan repayment, it can be difficult to sort through everything to identify the best path forward. This session will explore the various repayment options for your student loans and provide strategies for identifying which option will be best for your future.

Student loans webinar:

Employee Benefits – Retirement, Insurance, and Fringe Benefits As part of your overall compensation package, employee benefits present a significant opportunity for additional income and cost savings. In this session, we will provide the tools you need to evaluate an employee benefits package when comparing job offers as well as how to select your specific benefit options once you start the job.

Employee benefits webinar:

Investing – How to Begin Preparing For Your Future Saving and investing are crucial components of anyone’s financial plan. Join us for this session to learn why investing is so important, how it works, and how you can start taking steps toward securing your future retirement.

Investing webinar:

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