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IPPE “30 Under 30” Industry Leader Molly Parker

IPPE “30 Under 30” Industry Leader Molly Parker

Molly Parker, DVM was recently honored as a young industry leader by the International Production & Processing Expo’s (IPPE) “30 Under 30” program. As Director of Food Safety & Animal Care for Butterball, she manages all live aspects of organic turkey production while managing, updating, and implementing all company-wide animal care & well-being programs.

Dr. Parker’s recognition by the largest international poultry organization at their annual conference is testament to her drive as a young professional. This same drive also lead her to seek a master’s specialization degree at the University of Georgia. “I sought the additional knowledge that one would obtain through a post-DVM poultry residency program, as well as the qualifications to be eligible to sit for my American College of Poultry Veterinarians (ACPV) specialty board exam,” Parker said.

After doing her research, she found that UGA’s Master’s of Avian Health & Medicine was the only program in the country that offered an online poultry residency program designed to be completed while having a full-time career. “I applied for the MAHM program during my final year of vet school, was accepted, and started the program and my career with Butterball in the fall of 2015.” Parker obtained her Bachelor’s degree in biology from East Carolina University in 2011 and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University in 2015.  Upon graduation, she accepted an offer as the Director of Food Safety & Animal Care for Butterball, LLC in North Carolina.

Now in her final semester of the MAHM program, Molly has been able to pursue her master’s degree all while managing the day-to-day implementation of animal care & well-being for Butterball. “My favorite part of the MAHM program is that it easily fits into my lifestyle. Working as a turkey veterinarian in the commercial poultry industry consumes a large portion of my time and often includes additional work hours outside of a normal work day. The online MAHM program has allowed me to continue the expansion of my poultry medicine and husbandry knowledge base.”

When asked about what advice she had for future MAHM students, she said “with online classes, self motivation is key. My advice to future students would be to makes sure you set strict deadlines for yourself as to when you will study and complete assignments.”