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Low-Residency Screenwriting Student’s Film Premieres at Atlanta Film Festival

Low-Residency Screenwriting Student’s Film Premieres at Atlanta Film Festival

Win Marks (left) on set with cinematographer Noah Clement. (Photo: Mike Ingenito)

Win Marks still has a year left as a student in the Low-Residency MFA in Narrative Media Writing program, but his work is already receiving recognition beyond the university. “Do You Say What You Mean?”, a feature-length film written by Marks, is set to premiere at the 48th annual Atlanta Film Festival.

In “Do You Say What You Mean?”, Aliyah, confident and easy going, quickly falls for a truck driver, Sean. Their relationship plays out in snapshots as they try to build a life together, but the more they try, the more they unravel.

And though Marks first began crafting “Do You Say What You Mean?” in 2021, he credits his mentor, filmmaker Ramin Serry, and the MFA program for helping bring his project to fruition.

“Ramin was so specific that it really helped lift the movie to another level and helped me see what was working and what wasn’t,” Marks said. “Ramin was essential to the movie becoming what it is.”

Marks also thanks his peers in the two-year program, which features a combination of online work under the guidance of experienced faculty writing mentors, as well as a six-day intensive workshop on campus each semester.

“In the screenwriting program I am surrounded by a lot of great writers and filmmakers,” he explained. “I screened an early cut for them and was able to improve the movie a lot based on their feedback.”

“Do You Say What You Mean?” will premiere at Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre on Tuesday, April 30, at 6:45 p.m. During the festival, the film will also be available to view online for those who purchase festival tickets. 

Learn more about the Low-Residency MFA In Screenwriting here, or read Grady College’s article on Win Marks.

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