Non-traditional science student works towards dream through online program

James Wright, an alumni of the Online Master of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program at UGA, was not originally interested in biomedical science.

James Wright; Master of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences Wright received a Bachelors of Business Administration with a Healthcare Management concentration. He continued his education by completing an MBA. 

Wright decided to change his path and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. An online program worked best for Wright because of his new role as a father and working as a manager full-time. Finding an MBS program that allowed for part-time enrollment was hard.

“For those battling switching careers later in life you understand my pain. Most MBS programs require students to take multiple classes without the option of part-time enrollment,” said Wright. 

Wright chose the UGA program because of the flexible options offered. The MCBS program at UGA allows students two different commitment options. They have a full-time option where students can complete the curriculum in a year, or there is a part-time option where students can complete the curriculum in two years. This was exactly what Wright needed.

“The Masters of Comparative Biomedical Science program gave me the added exposure to high level science coursework which professional programs require while allowing me to complete the 2 year program track and continue working full time, being an active husband, and father,” said Wright.

Wright found that his professors and program director were always available to help him at any time. “They understand that higher level learning is difficult. They really go above and beyond to help you. Whether it’s providing physical resources, advice, or helpful encouragement,” said Wright.

For anyone interested in the MCBS online program, Wright advises students not to make assumptions about the online format.

“At one point in time, online classes were looked at as easy and non competitive. This program is both rigorous yet exciting. You’ll get an even mixture of challenging material, content, and professional level exposure to projects, concepts, scenario based learning, and case studies,” said Wright. 

According to Wright, the courses have benefited him because of the foundational information, how he has learned to apply the knowledge, and learned to think in a different way.

This program is helping Wright fulfil the requirements for Medical School and will help him accomplish his dream of becoming a doctor. 

“There’s no better program I can recommend than that of UGA’s Master of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences online program. It’s not only the curriculum, it's the total experience! “Go Dawgs”!”