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Online Learning Myths Dispelled

Online Learning Myths Dispelled

1. Online degrees don’t carry the same respect

The bottom line is employers value online degrees every bit as much as a degrees earned in a traditional setting. In fact, many business leaders believe that individuals who pursue additional education or degrees while effectively balancing job and family responsibilities showcase the intangible qualities they look for in leaders.

2. Online degrees/courses are easy and don’t take as much time

Pursuing a degree online is just as rigorous as doing so in an in-person classroom environment. Online courses have assignment deadlines, mandatory participation requirements and require the same time commitment.

3. Online courses aren’t engaging; won’t fit my learning style

How you learn online is different from how you have been taught to learn in a classroom setting; the same principles don’t apply. Unlike learning models that test at predetermined intervals, the online approach presents the information in “bite-size” nuggets that can be immediately applied in the student’s coursework and at their workplace.

4. Online courses don’t provide opportunities for interaction

Thanks to technology, students and instructors have multiple ways to interact that does not require waiting to talk to a professor after class. In fact, in the online learning environment, interactions are frequent and robust; live web interaction, chat, discussion forums and online office hours can provide the students a more personal interaction with the instructors (and classmates) than the typical classroom course.

5. You won’t get the “full” college experience

Honestly, the “full college” experience everyone talks about is really a young adult “rite of passage.” It is not about learning; it’s about becoming independent and discovering one’s passions. What they are looking forward to is enhancing their future and their careers. Today’s “traditional student” wants to learn and learn on their schedule. 

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