Online student appreciates impressive alumni base from Terry College

Austin Moss graduated from Claflin University in 2017 with a BA in Management Information Science. Claflin University provided her with pivotal experiences such as working for the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the opportunity to contribute to various research projects during her undergraduate career.

Austin Moss, Master of Business and TechnologyHaving been exposed to the evolving world of cybersecurity, Moss then began her career at General Motors as a software developer in the security space. She graduated in May 2021 from the Online Master of Business and Technology program at UGA and recently transitioned at GM to an Information Security Analyst within Information Protection – Insider Threat in Risk.

Moss chose UGA because of its immense alumni presence at the General Motors - Atlanta Innovation Center.

“It was evident that the Terry College of Business continuously produces visionary leaders. I wanted to continue to be a part of something great,” said Moss. “Not to mention UGA’s excellent faculty and top-ranked MBT program. I knew that pursuing my master’s degree with UGA would continue to solidify my foundation and propel my career.”

At first, Moss considered enrolling in a hybrid program that was both virtual and in the classroom. Instead she opted for a fully online program and was happy with her decision. The flexibility that online programs offer and the close-knit, family-oriented online community won her over. “It’s hard to think about ever going back to a formal classroom setting, even part-time,” said Moss.

The most interesting thing about the Online MBT program, according to Moss, is the support and cohesiveness from her peers. 

“Because the MBT program is online, it was hard for me to think that any group work or team activities would be effective, cohesive and intimate. Boy, I was wrong!” said Moss, “Given the opportunity to network with my peers, gain various perspectives on careers, or just hear about issues or positive things that are working in their space is amazing!”

For anyone interested in pursuing an online degree, Moss suggests managing your time carefully. “Take the time to get acclimated and do not be afraid to ask questions or to seek clarification. I also highly encourage engaging with other students and forming relationships. These are the individuals you will be working with throughout your program,” she said.

The courses in the MBT program have provided Moss numerous opportunities. She has been exposed to newer technologies, while producing real-world applications, and has the understanding of how and why the technology best serves the needs of managers, staff and customers. 

Not only does Moss believe that the MBT program aligns with her personal goals but will also benefit her in her work at General Motors. “This degree will allow me to be an effective liaison between business strategy and technical understanding. The MBT will also fortify my technical and logical thinking skills and accompany it with leadership influence and project management expertise,” said Moss.

Moss hopes to continue fostering her skills in the areas of problem solving, organization, leadership, autonomy and divergent thinking. Her goal is to become the chief information officer of a preeminent organization like the WNBA/NBA. 

“My mentors have instilled in me the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone in order to be prosperous. It is important to me to have a solid platform to inspire others and to be an instrument for others' dreams to come true,” Moss said.