Resources Avaliable for Online Students

UGA has a plethora of resources available online to assist in students’ success. These resources are open to all students, faculty, and administrators, and you are likely to gain valuable information from them. A few examples of many widely used resources for UGA students include eLearning Commons, the academic calendar, Athena, the UGA student handbook, the UGA directory. Professors can also serve as resources as many of them have in-field experience and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Graduate school is hard work, but making use of your resources will help you become more successful on your path to graduation. Learn more about these online resources available to all online students, faculty, and administrators:

The Career Center

The Career Center provides resources and programs specifically designed to help students stay on the right track, so there is no excuse to feel left-behind. The Career Center offers advising, career guides and numerous online resources. There are also valuable tools specifically tailored for University alumni. Weekly online webinars with topics ranging from resume critiques to alumni panels offer students personalized information from professors and professionals at the University. 

LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning offers personalized learning experiences and courses taught by real-world professionals. All University of Georgia students have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning’s vast library of videos and courses through their personal accounts. You can use the site to learn a wide variety of software applications, creative and business skills and other tools to help achieve personal and professional goals. Popular courses include those in Adobe software, Excel, HTML, Final Cut Pro and WordPress. LinkedIn Learning courses offer videos for all skill levels that can be viewed as short, separate videos on a certain skill, or multiple hour-long courses depending on the topic.

Distance Librarian

John Prechtel, UGA’s distance librarian, serves in the research and instruction department as a library liaison to faculty and students. In his role as the distance librarian, he helps online learners use library resources as much as possible and in the way that on-campus students do. Prechtel is able to assist students in locating and obtaining materials needed for courses or to assist with any research questions. If you have any questions about library services, he can answer those and will connect you with the best librarian subject-area specialist for in-depth questions.

Disability Resource Center

Resources are available for those with disabilities as offered by UGA’s Disability Resource Center. Online courses are designed to take into account persons with disabilities who may enroll in them. The Disability Resource Center will provide the necessary technology and accommodations for online students with disabilities. 

Student Veterans Resources Center

For multiple years running, UGA has been rated No. 1 for its service to student veterans among tier-one research universities in Victory Media’s Military Friendly Schools rankings. As a department in the division of student affairs, the SVRS has coaching programs and scholarships available for veterans as well as career readiness coaching, resume assistance, and job search help. Other tools available for veterans through the center include a “guide to using your VA benefits”, a list of university and community contacts, and access to the veteran’s success council among other resources. Active duty military, veterans, and military families should visit Veterans Educational Benefits to take full advantage of available financial assistance and educational benefits.


For additional questions about student resources offered to online students, contact Sharon Shannon, UGA Online’s Student Support Services & State Authorization Coordinator, at