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Set Your New Year’s Resolution by Committing to Online Education

Set Your New Year’s Resolution by Committing to Online Education

New Year’s resolutions. We see our friends, family, colleagues, etc. posting about theirs all over social media each January. Even if you aren’t posting about yours, you probably have them. But have you considered using the New Year to kickstart an educational journey, learn a new set of skills and enhance your career?

The flexibility of online education and ease of integration into your daily life makes entering and completing an online degree program with the University of Georgia an excellent candidate for your 2018 New Year’s resolution. And we’re not alone in saying this. If you’ve been thinking about earning your Master’s or advancing your career, thousands of students and alumni will tell you there’s no better time than the present.

“My favorite part of the MAHM program is that it easily fits into my lifestyle. Working as a turkey veterinarian in the commercial poultry industry consumes a large portion of my time and often includes additional work hours outside of a normal work day. The online MAHM program has allowed me to continue the expansion of my poultry medicine and husbandry knowledge base,” said Molly Parker, the Director of Food Safety & Animal Care. The flexibility of the MAHM online program allowed Parker to complete her degree while maintaining a demanding work schedule, fulfilling two dreams at the same time.

As Parker demonstrates, education doesn’t have to stop when you get your dream job or even when you complete your Bachelor’s degree. As an undergrad, Michael Crawley bounced between colleges but always had his sights set on UGA. Post-graduation, he accepted a position working in IT for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, after many years in the job, Crawley realized he needed to further his education to keep up with the industry, which led him to the online Master of Internet Technology program (now known as the Master of Business and Technology). “So much of what I’ve learned so far, I can go into work and use the very next day,” said Crawley, emphasizing his appreciation for how current, relevant, and flexible this program is.

Parker and Crawley aren’t alone. There are thousands of UGA Online graduates who would agree that the flexibility of an online degree from a highly respected institution is invaluable. The University of Georgia is committed to raising the bar for online degrees, and there is no better time to start your own journey than now. Get started and submit your application to attend the birthplace of public education today.