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Short-form Journalists Turns Author

Short-form Journalists Turns Author

Like many writers, Polina Marinova Pompliano is more comfortable asking the questions. Now she is the one being interviewed about her new book. Hidden Genius. As a notable short-form profile journalist, Pompliano never saw herself writing a book.

Pompliano believes we all have a hidden genius or kind of an X factor that makes us exceptional, but a lot of us haven’t discovered it yet.

Short-form Journalists Turns Author Blog Graphic 2Hidden Genius uncovers those X factors through a mix of thumbnail profiles, quoted material, and a handful of slightly longer stories and anecdotes. While management trainers and personal development experts would have a field day with the treasure trove of lessons learned from Hidden Genius, the book appeals to any reader. It is easily digestible and broadly appealing.

Pompliano shared, “The book is a compilation of all the lessons I’ve learned from profiling and interviewing people.”

Pompliano graduated from Grady College in 2013 from a program in newspapers that UGA has phased out. Today students can learn interviewing techniques, receive mentoring from industry professionals, and have valuable time to write while earning a terminal degree with Grady’s Low-Residency MFA program in Narrative Nonfiction.

The MFA in Narrative Media Writing includes a concentration in Screenwriting as well!

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