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Spots Still Available for the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking Summer Training Program

Spots Still Available for the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking Summer Training Program

For educators, especially in the area of gifted and creative education, the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) are highly respected and very important assessment tools. In fact, because the TTCTs are the most highly reliable and widely used tests of their kind, there is a need for teachers who are properly trained to offer them.

To help fill this need, the Torrance Center at the University of Georgia is offering TTCT-Figural Training as part of the annual Torrance Center Summer Institute. The TTCTs are different from most tests in that they’re appropriate at all levels, from kindergartners to adults, and are picture-based exercises. The five mental characteristics assessed by the TTCT-Figural are fluency, elaboration, originality, resistance to premature closure, and abstractness of titles. The tests also scores mental characteristics such as emotional expressiveness, humor and richness of imagery.

“The Torrance Center Summer Institute is a unique opportunity for participants to gain a fresh perspective on creative thinking and to engage with colleagues and experts in the field of creativity,” said Dr. Sarah Sumners, interim director for the Torrance Center. “You will leave the TCSI feeling inspired to integrate the principles of creative thinking into your classroom curriculum.” Past participants have said that the experience has completely changed the way they teach and that the program was an excellent learning experience!

Designed around research-based strategies for integrating creativity into the classroom, the  five day Torrance Center Summer Institute will offer the following strands:

  • The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking-Figural

  • Future Problem Solving

  • Teaching for Creativity with the Common Core

  • Technology in the Classroom

  • Differentiation in the Creative Classroom

The 2016 Torrance Center Summer Institute will take place the week of July 18-22. Register for the Summer Institute and learn how to correctly administer, score, and interpret the Figural TTCT! Once participants have mastered the training program, they will receive a certificate. Make sure to sign up today while space is still available! Registration is available on the Torrance Center Website.