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“Start-Stop-Continue” Survey Offers a Mid-Semester Snapshot of Student Experience

“Start-Stop-Continue” Survey Offers a Mid-Semester Snapshot of Student Experience

The midpoint of the semester is not just a time for midterms, it’s also a good time to enhance student retention and success in your course. Provide an opportunity for students to share information not easily gleaned from standard assessments by implementing a mid-course survey such as “stop–start–continue.” You may uncover how a simple change could have a large impact. Even if you receive suggestions that don’t fit with learning outcomes, your awareness will allow you to explain the value of the approach you’ve chosen.

“Start – Stop – Continue” Survey

Quite simply, a “start-stop-continue” survey is a low/no-stakes assessment that can provide a snapshot of the student experience in the semester thus far. Having this opportunity at the midpoint is effective because it gives the student a voice, aside from the traditional faculty–to–student communication paths, and you can use this data to affect change to the existing course rather than having to wait for a future offering.

The survey is only 3 short-answer questions.

Based on your experience in the course so far:

  • What should we start doing?
    • Are there class activities and/or behaviors that we aren’t doing currently that you think would enhance your learning?
  • What should we stop doing?
    • Are there currently class activities and/or behaviors you think are negatively affecting your learning?
  • What should we continue doing?
    • What current activities and/or behaviors are positively enhancing your learning?

For more information on setting up a survey please contact your instructional designer, the Office of Online Learning, or Center for Teaching and Learning.