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UGA Professor Discusses Latest Book

UGA Professor Discusses Latest Book

Bettina Love is an associate professor in the UGA College of Education’s online MEd in Middle Grades Education program who was recently featured on the WABE-FM program “Closer Look with Rose Scott” to discuss her latest book, “We Want to Do More than Survive.”

Dr. Love discussed the topic of modern educational reform and the reform attempts public education has initiated in recent years. Dr. Love reflected on her personal experiences in both private and then public school in Rochester New York and that direct impact on her decision to become a teacher. Her first day of teaching in Miami gave her a new understanding of the impact and importance of diversity. She “learned that people were trying to be taught in racial and economic isolation.”

In reference to the meaning behind the title of her book, Love states, “We are all in survival mode in education.” Everyone is trying to undo centuries of harm and neglect to the system. Dr. Love described the struggle as being up against the past and the future. Another main tenet of her book and educational philosophy is the importance of mattering in the sense of seeing and protecting the potential of a young child. Dr. Love related this back to her personal journey growing up and the courage she gained from those that supported her as a child.

The book discusses topics such as standardized testing, community involvement, the impact of gentrification and the need for innovative educational reform. Love also mentioned the value of continuing to educate the educator.  

Love has hopes that her book is read by teachers, policy makers, parents, and members of the community alike for the message to be able to permeate throughout the public. “I wrote the book for all people concerned with educational justice.”

WABE is based in Atlanta and is the the city’s local NPR station. The full interview is available on the WABE website.