UGA Student Returns to Online Degree 35 Years Later

“I had no peace in leaving my degree unfinished,” says Charlyene Botley, a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Georgia’s BBA online program. “I realized that the only way I could really advance in a career was by completing my degree.” 

Fortunately, Charlyene was able to return to UGA to finish the business degree she began 35 years ago. She always knew she was capable of earning her BBA degree, so when the timing was finally right, Charlyene did not hesitate at the chance to complete her degree online.  

The flexibility of the online program has been paramount to Charlyene's success. Charlyene works alongside her husband in their church ministry, both of whom have busy schedules throughout the week. Charlyene needed to be able to finish course assignments in her spare time surrounding her work and life responsibilities. For her, this meant late at night, on the weekends, and even in her church building.

Finding balance between work, life, and school has definitely been a major challenge for Charlyene. Thus she urges anyone who is returning to school to establish a great support team. Charlyene says that her husband has been the true MVP throughout her Online BBA journey. When he’s not working in the church or taking on additional household chores, he’s listening to her explain interesting lecture topics, encouraging her during stressful times, and comforting her after those less than ideal business statistics exams. “Nathan has been there to help me see the finish line... and it is near.”

Indeed, Charlyene’s graduation date is set for May 2019. Only a few more classes and she’ll have the peace-of-mind and personal satisfaction of a well-earned business degree.