Most developers create apps for smart devices thinking that once it’s done they never have to look at it again. But applications don’t live on forever. Developers have to be aware of the business environment for mobile applications and apply those principles to their work.

As the Director of Applications for Control4, a company providing smart home solutions for appliances and networking systems with an intuitive interface, I know what the world of the future looks like. Our students have to be agile enough to develop apps for more than just tablets, but televisions, car displays and ad displays in a variety of settings. It’s not just a fight between whether you use an Apple or an Android device. The world of mobile apps is rapidly changing.

I first entered the world of mobile apps by developing the first eBay application for the iPhone. We weren’t just concerned with creating a great app, but we also had to consider the business model that would push our work to from simply being a free app to one that would be a real benefit to eBay as a company. My students learn about all of the monetary models that can benefit their work, and they’ll leave my class better prepared to offer great apps to the public.

Chuck Hudson
Terry College of Business
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA
M.B.A., Babson College