Learning Management System

eLearningCommons (eLC) is the Learning Management System for the University of Georgia. eLC is powered by Brightspace, formerly known as Desire2Learn. For support using eLC, please visit the Center for Teaching & Learning’s official Faculty Support for eLC.

D2L 24-hour Help:  1(855) 772-0423, for hearing impaired: 1(800) 892-4315

Streaming Media

The Office of Online Learning provides access to streaming media services via the Kaltura streaming media platform. There are multiple ways to use Kaltura as an instructor at the University of Georgia. First, you may use a course channel at media.online.uga.edu. Course channels are a good way to store media for sustainability. They enable simple cataloging and reuse of media across course offerings. If you want to use media.online.uga.edu but do not have access to a course channel, please email jcastle@uga.edu for assistance. Another method of using Kaltura for your online offerings is via the eLC/Kaltura integration. This method is most appropriate for media in cases where reuse and organization are not primary concerns. To learn more about the eLC/Kaltura integration, please visit ctl.uga.edu/kaltura.