My appointment in the College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Georgia is 60 percent service and 40 percent teaching. As a clinician at the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center (PDRC), I am primarily responsible for teaching clinical medicine in the Masters in Avian Medicine (MAM) program and problem solving in the state of Georgia's poultry industry.

One of my areas of expertise is in avian gut health. Microbial imbalances in the gut are one cause of wet litter, a significant problem to most poultrymen. The term describes a non-specific disease of the urinary or gastrointestinal track that disrupts water balance and reduces feed efficiency while also exposing the animals unnecessarily to secondary diseases. Farmers, however, can intervene with some success.

I speak around the world about how to prevent this situation with simple, preventative measures like acidification of water and feed, modulating the protective immune response and minimizing the flow-through of feed by enhancing nutrient digestion.

I also enjoy studying a variety of avian health issues, including prevention of late coccidiosis cycling with vaccination, poultry respiratory disease and alternatives to antibiotics.

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Steve Collett
College of Veterinary Medicine
Athens, GA
  • MMed.Vet. (Poultry), University of Pretoria
  • BVSc.(Hons). (Board Specialty), University of Pretoria
  • BVSc.(DVM equivalent), University of Pretoria