My primary work is in the field of Transnational Cultural Studies.

I teach a range of courses—International Communication, Environmental Communication, Writing for Digital Media, Race, Gender and Media amongst many others. Since 2014, I’ve coordinated the Environmental Communication Initiative (an undergraduate teaching program) on campus, the Georgia coast and Costa Rica. I helped create and co-teaches the “Science Communication for Ecologists’ course in the Odum School of Ecology at UGA.

In the past, I’ve been a consultant to News Corporation, CNN International, Discovery Channel, amongst others. For over twenty years, I was a faculty judge for The George Foster Peabody Awards. Before joining academia, I was a journalist with media organizations in India and the United States.

I have been a Lilly Teaching Fellow and Mentor at UGA and I was a Service Learning Fellow and nominated three different times by the Grady College for the Distinguished Research Professorship at the University of Georgia. I was also invited to be a member of the UGA Teaching Academy.

I’ve written or edited ten books and over fifty single (or co-authored) journal articles and book chapters on the subject of media and culture in a global context, across print, television, film and digital culture. Amongst my books are The Logics of Globalization; Thinking Television and Global Bollywood. I am also the author of two books of fiction, including a novel, The Children of Shahida. 


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Andy Kavoori, Ph.D.
  • B.A. Sociology, Hindu College, University of Delhi, India.
  • M.A., Cultural Anthropology, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
  • Ph.D., Study in A Second Discipline (Ecology), Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia.
Entertainment and Media Studies