"Students often have unique perspectives and interesting stories to share, making for an engaging learning experience for everyone, including myself!"

My experiences as a registered dietitian nutritionist for over twenty years have predominately focused on child and adolescent nutrition, specifically at the K-12 level as a school nutrition coordinator and the collegiate level as a dietitian for UGA Food Services Department and Georgia Tech Health Promotion and Food Services Departments.  The constant challenge in all these roles was to plan healthy meals that meet nutrient standards while keeping food costs low. Individual food allergies and intolerances provided another dimension to that challenge. My role as a dietitian was to not only educate food service staff on the utmost importance of following proper sanitation guidelines, but to also work with each individual student and their families to ensure an enjoyable, positive dining experience each and every time. 

I currently teach a graduate and undergraduate online course, Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, where I enjoy the challenge of using technology as a tool to enhance learning experiences for my students.  Teaching online courses also provides an opportunity for me to combine my child and adolescent knowledge and experiences with my Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology. I received my master's degree while working full time, so I can relate to those students who are doing the same, juggling career and school.  Whether students are traditional or non-traditional in nature, my goal is to provide a solid foundation of science-based nutrition knowledge that can shape them personally and professionally, both now and in the future.  Drawing upon my experiences to provide real life situations, including the successes and challenges surrounding each unique situation, makes for an engaging learning experience for everyone. I also thoroughly enjoy learning from the students, as they often have unique perspectives and interesting stories to share as well.

Angie Garcia, MEd, RDN, LD
280 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602
  • B.S. Nutrition Pennsylvania State University, 1995
  • M.Ed. Instructional Technology University of Georgia, 2002
Foods and Nutrition