My research focuses on the area of financial wellness and tries to answer the questions of what financial practices lead to healthier lifestyles. I am interested in charitable giving and wellness, as well as financial literacy and the relationship between the practices we undertake and the impact those practices have on our health and wellness.

I am currently researching the impact of behaviors and financial knowledge on financial satisfaction across income levels. I am also looking at types of financial knowledge, which comprise the objective or numeracy type of knowledge, and the subjective, or the way we feel about our financial competence. It seems that there might be differences in the ways that these types of knowledge affect financial behaviors and financial well-being.

I have taught classes in investment planning, consumer issues, advanced financial counseling and the theories involved in the research of households, consumers and financial behaviors. My students generally find that I ask them to practice with what they know, learning in small chunks to be sure they get all the concepts before moving on.

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Ann Woodyard
College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Housing Research Center
Athens, GA
Ph.D., Kansas State University