My life’s work and passion is a greater understanding of the effects that policies and corporate executive decisions have on firm functionality and shareholder wealth. My students are inspired and encouraged to ask how business decisions are made and to analyze the market’s mediation of those choices across fields and industries.

Today’s business environment grows increasingly more intricate with the constant addition and revision of laws, tax codes, products and services and economic discoveries. From planning an individual’s financial strategy to choosing which stocks to purchase and which companies to support, a deeper understanding of finance is critical to succeed in the modern world. 

My research and publications emphasize the importance of understanding what catalyzes corporate growth or failure, especially the use of equity or debt as a propellant toward a goal. Shareholders, bondholders and firms drive the business climate both here and abroad. Understanding and influencing their decision-making process is a powerful beginning to affecting change in our markets and building personal wealth. I have dedicated years of collaboration and study with some of the greatest minds in the fields of finance and economics, gathering understanding to share with my students in the hopes that they will build upon the work my generation of researchers and educators has completed, understanding and driving economic change rather than passively experiencing the effects of others’ decisions. 

My knowledge and expertise has not been solely gained in the academic arena. After earning my Ph.D., I spent four years working at the Securities and Exchange Commission, serving as Deputy Chief Economist. While assisting the chief economist in managing our department, I worked with some of our country’s most respected and knowledgeable minds to make securities markets more efficient. I labored to identify and analyze issues, developments and advances in the marketplace while also working to protect investors by identifying and preventing potential securities law violations. Collaborating with great academic minds, I contributed to the collection of deeper financial and economic understanding and knowledge by conducting extensive research and publishing our discoveries in peer-reviewed journals.



Annette Poulsen
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