How can someone analyze something as vague as brand recognition? My approach is to investigate social media and consumer feedback. I have studied many, diverse applications of this topic, in marketing and consumer research. My studies vary from topics such as Walmart to sports marketing or consumer activism.

My primary focus of study is on brand recognition and meaning in modern culture. As technology evolves, so do consumers. We are more engaged with media than ever. Due to our continual encounters with brand-names, it has become a topic of interest to study the side effects of these exposures. I am fascinated by change in the consumer-outlook and find that these questions are more relevant than ever. 

As a result of this increased flow of information, our understanding of ourselves and the world has shifted. In my studies, I aim to trace the evolution of the consumer. Thus, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the effects of marketing. As marketing researcher, I try to emphasize the importance of keeping up with these trends, so that companies may have a better understanding of their customers.

Originally, I had started out as an account manager at Johnson & Johnson. Later on, I chose to pursue my love of teaching by lecturing for courses such as consumer behavior, marketing research and integrated brand and marketing communications at the University of Georgia. I am passionate about teaching, having been awarded a "Teacher of the Year" award by Alpha Kappa Psi. I have also successfully worked with several students on research in the past. My position as faculty at the University of Georgia has enabled me to devote time towards researching topics such as brand meaning, consumer identity and social media consumption. I have written extensively about these topics. My works include published articles, research papers and a book.

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Candice Hollenbeck
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Terry College of Business