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I believe that one class, one project, one undiscovered passion or talent, or even one teacher has the unique and immensely valuable opportunity to open a new door and change the outcome.

Chris Gerlach

Academic Professional

Technology is interwoven in nearly every aspect of people’s lives from entertainment to utility, and what we do at the New Media Institute and Emerging Media Master’s program is at the heart of it all.

It’s often easy to navigate through college going through the motions, learning how to survive projects, papers, and tests only to make it out the other side with a piece of paper and a fragile mental database of forgettable facts. I believe the college experience should be so much more.

College is one of the few opportunities in life where you can wholly dedicate yourself to learning entirely new skills, honing your existing talents, and opening doors to learning experiences that can truly transform your future. I’m passionate about opening those doors, pushing students to explore abilities they don’t know they have, and fostering a desire to dive deeper rather than simply cross the finish line. As an Academic Professional with the New Media Institute at UGA, I’m fortunate to be part of a team wholly dedicated to this mission.

Like my interests, my instructional focus spans various aspects of emerging media including product ideation, user experience design, interactive project management, and product development, among other areas. I’m passionate about taking innovative paths outside the box to create compelling products and provide real-world solutions. I also love the world of gaming, and I nerd-out for anything AR, AI, and IoT.

Outside of work, I’m a husband and fur father of two crazy dogs. I enjoy building and creating things, both digital and physical. I love sports and fill my time with pickup leagues and intramurals. My deeply competitive nature and geeky disposition also drives my passion for video games. When I’m not not on the field or behind a screen, I love traveling with my wife, hosting board game nights with friends, and spending some quality time with the great outdoors.

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