I completed my Ph.D. in regenerative medicine studying the development of neural cells from embryonic stem cells, genetic engineering with viral vectors to generate bone, and cellular reprogramming with lentiviral vectors at the University of Georgia.

In addition to earning a PhD in regenerative medicine in 2011, I received a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine while working in the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory providing stem cells to client owned animals. In 2016 I entered a Laboratory Animal Residency program when I joined the Ross lab as part of the diplomate training program. Recently I have been working on methods to identify T cells and their role in influenza infection. 

I'm a clinical veterinarian in the Department of Population Health in the College of Veterinary Medicine. My research has been published on topics ranging from the accuracy of an oscillometric blood pressure monitor in anesthetized pigs to MRI based animal assessments. 

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Jennifer Mumaw Schmiedt, DVM, PhD