In course evaluations, my financial planning students praise my teaching prowess, with many saying I explain difficult material so that it makes sense. One even said, "Class was interesting! This course material is boring and Dr. Goetz made it fun."

As the 2012 recipient of UGA’s Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, I take instruction seriously, doing everything I can to improve the way I communicate with students. I am intimately involved in both the creation and application of knowledge within the financial planning discipline. More specifically, I am required to publish articles in refereed journals and to teach courses in financial planning at the undergraduate and graduate level.

I, along with my students, also provide financial planning and education services to the community through a number of innovative programs developed at UGA. One of the projects I’ve been involved with is the ASPIRE Clinic, a resource for the local Athens community that provides family therapy as well as financial planning, something I have termed Relational Financial Therapy. This model gives students practical experience beyond the expert teaching I provide in the classroom, and it assists families who are dealing with marital, familial and financial stress.

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Joseph Goetz
College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Housing Research Center
Athens, GA
Ph.D., Texas Tech University