I have a passion for encouraging myself and others to continuously grow as educators and students. I believe when we identify areas in our skill set that are opportunities for growth and challenge ourselves to improve we can offer inspiration to not only our fellow educators, but to our students as well.

I believe that all students have a unique set of strengths, talents and inclinations that lead them to be more involved in the learning process. Our job as teachers is to not only create strong connections between our students and their strengths, but also to expand our own passions within the educational process so that we may better serve our students. We must also work as educators to ensure that services are equitable, engaging and intellectually stimulating for all students. These beliefs are strongly demonstrated in my work as an enrichment specialist at Judia Jackson Harris Elementary School, where I lead teachers in the implementation of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model.

I pride myself in being able to connect with and understand preservice and inservice teachers, and provide them with honest and constructive feedback on lesson plans and learning strategies. Throughout the years, I have received positive feedback on my depth of knowledge, teaching style and the feedback I've given to students. Although I feel confident serving as a mentor to other students, I am always interested in learning from the unique and innovative perspectives of my students and fellow teachers.

Katherine Brown
Rivers Crossing
Athens, GA
Ph.D. Gifted and Creative Education The University of Georgia, 2011