Ethics plays a big role in determining who succeeds and fails in the business world. Obeying legal statutes is only the first step to an ethical practice, which include philanthropy, profitability, and doing what is right by the customer.

My students get the bigger picture of how ethics plays into the business world. They understand how a particular industry runs, the values of a company, and even how personal values play into how decisions have to be made. Marketing can often overlook these important principles, opting instead for quick solutions.

The challenge for us with the BBA program is transforming the manner in which we have taught face-to-face into a totally different learning environment. While the preparation of the course material requires a huge time commitment, we’re committed to the flexibility online classes can have that enhances the overall learning process.

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Kimberly Grantham
Terry College of Business
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA
Ph.D., Duke University