My passion is to show students how they can better understand themselves and the world around them by learning how humans connect through creativity. Part of the learning experience is getting to know my students and what their concepts and beliefs about creativity are.

Creativity in all its forms- as it applies to arts, business pursuits, and society in general- is an avid interest of mine. The psychology of how and why we create is a fascinating subject. My goal is to help students understand the power of creativity and how creativity can be used as a way to enrich their lives. For those who would like to become innovators through the discovery of original ideas and different thought, the ability to be creative is essential. To learn and enhance the skill set of "thinking out of the box" is just a way to understand how we can think differently.

Much of my research has centered on creativity, divergent thinking and how creativity can be measured and enhanced. The ability to understand and foster creativity will be a guiding influence in education and business, where fulfilling human potential is the very cornerstone to success.

In today's world, my students will face an ever-changing marketplace and economy, driven by the onslaught of evolving technology. As our ways of reaching and being influenced by different people and cultures increases, it is paramount that we hold on to those fundamental things that allow us to understand each other as people. As systems become more complex, so will problems, and there will need to be a way to create enhanced solutions. The psychology of creativity will provide answers to the questions we will face in the future.

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