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Michael Robinson

I am very passionate about social workers working in the community. I believe that communities are the foundation of society as they are composed of individuals and families.

Michael Robinson

MSW Admissions Coordinator and Associate Professor

I hope that students gain an understanding of what it means to be a change agent. This can be accomplished by working with clients to encourage and empower them to accomplish their goals and to help navigate complicated bureaucratic systems.

After working in the financial service industry, I decided to devote myself to public service. I began my path of social work by earning my Master of Science in Social Work and a Ph.D. from The University of Louisville. There, I focused on the mental health of African American males, as this is the population who experiences the injustices in the criminal justice system the most.  

Realizing the devastation that drugs and alcohol have on families, I obtained a clinical substance abuse license so that I could work with people afflicted with substance use disorders. I am the Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, the Director of the Study Abroad to Northern Ireland Program, and also the MSW Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Georgia. 

I am currently part of a team of researchers at the University of Georgia who are working with the Georgia Department of Corrections and Department of Community Supervision (DCS). This team developed an internal program assessment instrument and is currently evaluating the Georgia Day Reporting Centers/Grant-Supported Day Reporting Centers across the state. In addition, the team is also developing an instrument for the Criminal Justice Coordination Council in order to evaluate the Family Treatment Drug Courts in the State of Georgia.  

I am active in the Council on  Social Work Education (CSWE) where I previously chaired the Council on Racial Ethnic and Cultural Diversity and was recently appointed Chair of the Commission on Diversity and Social and Economic Justice, and I also serve as the chair of the Social and economic Justice Track.

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