My research focuses on the many factors that influence one’s educational journey. I hope to evaluate the extent to which these influences determine one’s educational success, and to help teachers understand how their beliefs, morals, and attitudes can profoundly affect their instruction style and in turn those whom they are teaching.

I have a passion for researching the student/instructor relationship and how to make it the most beneficial and efficient relationship for both sides. I specialize in several different areas of research including literacy instruction, difficulties and remedial interventions, the role of school libraries and librarians in promoting reading development, higher education pedagogy (including online and blended instruction), preservice and inservice education for educators, and preservice and inservice educators' beliefs, attitudes and motivations. There are several different factors that influence how students learn, especially those that are deemed “struggling” by our society. I focus on helping students and instructors develop the best relationship possible as well as the many factors that influence a child’s education. My hope is to evaluate how struggling students are developing in their current learning environment, and to find customized learning solutions that will set them on the right path.

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